Functionality - Safety - Design

The success of Rutgerson Marin is based on the combination of these concepts. They understand functionality as a constant strive to find a user-friendly and clever technological solution to every product. Safety does not only mean living up to established standards, but finding a way to create a product which is safe even during extreme conditions.

They track systems for example have a very high breaking load. However, even if that level was breached, the traveller would not break loose from the track preventing any injuries. Design is also an important element to every product beacuse marine equipment must suit the sailor's needs.

They also value reliability. As both our headquarters as well as production plant are situated on the same premises, they can offer a high level of delivery reliability and flexible service. They have a deep understanding of the importance for sailors and yacht owners to be able to rely completely on the equipment during all weather conditions. Only with all these aspects could a product be called superior.

Therefore, Rutgerson proudly presents they products that truly are "Best in Action"