We present you a series of masts designed and produced by the team. By selecting the finest materials in collaboration with experts from SAPA Group, we have produced profiles that meet the needs of vessels from 19 to 50 feet.

The alloy from which the masts are made has been carefully chosen in order to meet the performance of racing sailboats, and the simplicity of the profile and the construction are in the function of the cruising boats. All profiles have been eloxated during construction, and if you order 7/8 and other masts, they are eloxated subsequently so that the final product is fully protected. By customer request, the masts are painted with special paint for protection from weather conditions.

Mast joints are made with CAD-CAM system, using modeling software so that we can predict the behavior of the mast in various situations. Special tools which we use:

• plasma CNC

• CNC cutter

• machine tool

• traditional metal processing machines

The production process is carefully monitored from the aluminum logs to the final product using additional equipment for masts, which can be seen on the attached web pages.




S-mast is a mast designed and produced by


Slider sails installation

When we sketched the mast, we have anticipated the possibility of installing slider sails for all systems currently available on the market, such as Harken, Facnor, Rutgerson ...


Profile crosses

SK 45 45X10

SK 55 55X21

SK 67 67X24

SK 85 85X30

SK 111 111X38

SK 148 148X50